Welcome to The Future of Work Talks group!

We are on a mission to popularize avant-garde concepts of Companies of the Future. What's the meaning of work? What purpose do companies drive? How do we organize for work?

We’re an online group mostly, yet also an in-person group from time to time. We host live speaking events on a range of FoW topics.

What is the future of work - what is this thing that "is already here but just unevenly distributed"? Is it Agile 2.0, is it Teal, Sociocracy, is the game more about leadership, economical systems, law regulations, sustainability of the planet or sustainability of human integrity? How to get rid of the civilizational debt that we humans have created? How do the ways of working, business strategies and / or the very purpose of economy and business need to evolve to support a stable future for mankind, fulfillment of individuals and societies?

How do you see the future of work?
If you are willing to share your thoughts, please feel invited! Just contact us to nail down the necessary details. Alternatively, please submit your Talk idea and I will be in touch with you.