Book Part IV : Good Companies
How to reinvent the economy and create companies which will drive us to a meaningful future?

Author: Piotr Trojanowski

Published: Jan 17th, 2023

We are living in an era of great anxiety and great disconnect. Civilizational debt calls to be paid off while CEOs continue to pursue profit and return on invested capital for shareholders. 

If we do more of the same things that we have been doing, where does it lead us to?

In recent decades, this question has grown into the #1 most important question in the public domain. I call it the Great Challenge Question.

If you accept The Great Challenge, then there are natural follow-up questions that you need to ask yourself. What do our actions say about our current ways of thinking? What do they say about our beliefs, habits, and assumptions we make? What do they say about the goals we pursue? 

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Book Part III : Agile - The Retrospective
The state of Agility at the dawn of 2020s.

Author: Piotr Trojanowski

Published: Oct 31st, 2021

The dawn of the 2020s is definitely a time for reflection in the Agile community on how we have been doing for the last decade, or even for two decades.

How would you compare the Agile world 20, 10 years ago and at present? What has changed systematically? 

What do you think about this direction? Is the direction right? How close is it to your heart? What would you do differently?

What is the direction for Agile in the next 10, 20 years? What systemic change will happen?

Book Part II: The Landscape of enterprise agile transformations

Author: Piotr Trojanowski

Published: Jun 6th, 2020

There is an ongoing discussion in the Agile community about the Spotify model and the rationale for copying it. The discussion goes as far as saying: “There is no Spotify model, there is only the snapshot Spotify culture”. This statement seems to have become the fragile consensus and the equilibrium state for many Agilists. In parallel, there also exists physical evidence that the entity called the “Spotify model” exists. Starting off from this widely known motif I share my personal experience with Enterprise Agile Transformations.

Book Part I: The Secret Ingredients of Agile transformations

Author: Piotr Trojanowski

Published: Jul 14th, 2021

Enterprise-size companies have been struggling to become Agile for the past decade. They launch transformation programs, hire Agile coaches and invest huge piles of money to become agile. All of this is done in a hope to turn the synergy of collaboration of empowered employees into a competitive advantage. My experience shows that while the general approach to conducting transformations is well known, there exist aspects of Agility Transformations that simply need to be taken care of. Leaving these aspects unaddressed influences transformations in a negative way, not to say makes the transformations distorted in a long term. I call these aspects The Secrets Ingredients of Agility Transformations.

Effective vs Aspirational Zone of Influence of Agile Community

Author: Piotr Trojanowski

Published: Jun 21st, 2020

Hey, the global Agile Community, it is time to reflect how we have been investing our efforts and admit that we have been missing out a lot of unexplored potential for a bigger change in the dominating style of ways of working of today's companies. Free yourself from your comfort zone and zoom out your perspective for a minute! 

Read this short article and enjoy the ready to use image (CC: BY+NC+SA).

Webinar: Culture is read only

Author: Mariusz Kreft

Duration: 81 min, Published: May 2nd, 2020

Why are many approaches of cultural transformation failing? Why do even the best intentions of leaders feel unauthentic to employees? Why is it so difficult to get the working crowd aligned and drive towards making the organisation future proof? 

Change journeys need a holistic approach. It's an orchestration of leadership, practices, structures and the right incentives. But what music to play and who is the conductor? 

Course: Evolution of workplace and Future of work

Author: Piotr Trojanowski

Published: 3rd April 2020

This is a paid course on the evolution of workplace and also discussing possible future of work based on the current landscape. Published on Check out the current promotion here.

Webinar: Evolution of workplace and Future of Work

Author: Piotr Trojanowski

Duration: 6m 46s, Published: Apr 24th, 2020

The webinar provokes a human-centric view on the evolution of work and evolution of the purpose of work. It helps you out of the hamster wheel of the single loop learning and encourages a deeper reflection on the purpose of business. It summarizes the evolution of work in recent decades and the state of Agility at the end of 2010s. 

The questions we will be asking ourselves today are: ​​​​​​​How the workplace evolved within recent decades and what is there to come? 

Workplace 2020s - the current state and aspiration for 2020s

Author: Piotr Trojanowski

Duration: 10 mins, Published: Mar 29th, 2020

This is a reflection of mine on what needs to be the Aspiration for Workplace for 2020s based on the State of Agility at the dawn of 2020s. The aspirational reality shows what is possible if we manage to improve on the Implementation faults and in parallel we manage to deal with the residual obstacles. Can you even imagine the power of reframing the purpose of the business? Can you imagine Corporates as good citizens of the world? I cannot wait to see how societies will benefit from this change! I cannot wait to see how our planet will benefit from it! And I cannot wait to see how we as individuals will benefit from it! A textual version can be found here.

Obstacles to Agile adoption and Aspiration for 2020s

Author: Piotr Trojanowski

Duration: 6m 46s, Published: Mar 29th, 2020

This is a high level reflection of mine on the State of Agility at the dawn of 2020s. On one hand humanity have gathered enormous amount of information on Agility based on 2+ decades of practicing it while on the other hand companies still struggle to become agile. Where this discrepancy comes from? I saw many transformations just scratching the surface or ones that were implemented mechanically, following a template. And after some time it was becoming obvious that Agile had not stuck. So what are the invisible forces that stop Agile to be fully adopted in the long term sustainable manner? A textual version can be found here.

Webinar: Why our organisational leadership still sucks? 

Author: Douglas Talbot

Duration: 46 min, Published: Jun 25th, 2020

Systems theory is 80 years old, Deming's work is over 50 years old, the evolution at Toyota many decades old. XP, Scrum, Crystal clear and others are 25+ years, the Agile manifesto almost 20, User experience 25+, DevOps 10+, Lean startup almost 10, Psychological Safety from Project Aristotle and Dan Pink's Drive 10+. So ... Why do we seem to be making so little progress implementing decades old truths? What might be next if we've been stagnant for 10 years? and ... Why are organisations still such dysfunctional ecosystems? Why are we still debating and worrying about how to write a Story? Why are so many leaders struggling to create awesome organisations? 

Article: Evolving to become truly yourself

Author: Piotr Trojanowski

Duration: 20 mins, Published: Apr, 11th, 2020

We are all chasing for a meaningful life and becoming truly ourselves is a cornerstone of this effort. How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you felt that, in spite of your knowledge, experience, positive emotions and dedication, you could not achieve the impact you envisaged as possible and desired? Such moments are crucial for many reasons, including opportunity to reflect & retrospect, but most importantly, in the context of this article, such moments are crucial because they define who you become. Or even more precisely: the way you handle such situations are crucial to who you become.  Read the whole article here.

Webinar: A systemic approach to seizing Opportunities 

Author: Chris Daniel

Duration: 60 min, Published: Jul 13th, 2020

Many seem to believe that successful people differ from those less fortunate ones. Surely, they must do something special, something unique, which others do not understand. We want to be like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or late Steve Jobs, and we trust that there is a secret we can learn, and become successful, too. The situation is not different on the corporate level.  

I look for an answer for a fundamental challenge: 'How to find the thing that I/my team/my company should do to make matters better?' In the course of the session, we will compare approaches outlined by Taleb, Wardley and Snowden. We will show convergences and divergences. Besides, almost by accident, we will dive deep into uncertainty, as it is the generator of both risks and opportunities, the true spiritus movens of our world. 

Webinar: Visualising the WHY - Strategy & Roadmaps

Author: Craig Cockburn

Duration: 69 mins, Published: Jun 24th, 2020

Most strategy dialogues end up with executives talking at cross-purposes because...nobody knows exactly what is meant by vision and strategy, and no two people ever quite agree on which topics belong where' (Geoffrey Moore Escape Velocity). In his presentation Craig will incorporate thinking from Simon Wardley and visualisation practice to ensure the why of movement is visible and understood so that teams have context and can align more easily to a shared understanding of strategic intent and tactical moves. 

Interview: What's on a mind of a Systemic Coach - Michelangelo Canonico

Author: Michelangelo Canonico & Piotr Trojanowski

Published: Sept 29th, 2020

"Agile movement is in a confusion. We need to stop trying to change the world using the magic word of "agile". Step back, seek for renewal, open up the doors for other notions."

In this interview Michelangelo Canonico shares his personal experience with Agility, transformational engagements, systemic coaching, and even about constellations!