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The Evolution of Workplace & Future of Work map - The EvoMap, is a visualisation of the current landscape of business, how it has evolved within a time horizon of a few decades. It offers an unbiased view and allows to reflect on the journey as well as it poses a question what is next to come. The EvoMap perspective has proven its value in the contexts of framing reality of the surrounding business ecosystem, understanding and aligning aspirations, shaping transformation journeys, building learning & innovative organizations, developing HR strategies, discussing limitations of the current era of economy, imaging alternatives, etc. 

Invitation to Contribute

The EvoMap is now published under the Creative Commons license (BY+NC+SA). It is open for your voluntary feedback and contribution. Our intention is for the map to become a living documentary of the evolving workplace. Let us know your experience with it. You can download both the presentation (pptx) and the image (jpg) from here.

Evolution of Workplace & Future of Work - Invitation to Contribute

History of The EvoMap

2023.03 -  Published updates contained in the Good Companies book

2020.04.23 - Updated influenced by the comments received after my webinar @ London's "Agile Evangelist community.

2020.03.16 - The first version released